Reviews for "Hot Blooded Hero"

funny ending

he tought the pig was chasing her.. he killed it.. she was mad.. now he has to be the pig! XD

Very Entertaing

Nice facial expressions in this one. And of course ur animation is good. Was that the Monkey King flying around in the heros thoughts? The rounds were very funny and unexpected. The girls crying run was also great. This is the best u've made in a while.

To be a good commentor

NEVER release any info on what happens in the story, although I have done it before I will not today, great video and I think that all the rest will be just as good if not better than this one(although that will be hard). Your characters look the same in every one and always are well animated, amazing!!!

That was raelly great.

The pig died!?! Real great way to impress a girl, by killing her pet. Awesome job.


I loved this, great animation! Poor pig though... it should have owned that guy. :P