Reviews for "Hot Blooded Hero"

Nice and smooth!! :D

Omg...That piggy hat remind me about that angeling/Poring hat you can get in Ragnarok Online xD That Awesome!!
I like the chibi style because i love chibi!! x3
The sound was cool for you use a Naruto theme song Lol!!
The animation was nice and smooth and full of that anime life style if you know what i mean :D

So keep up the good work dude for i like it xD

wht did the piggy have to go.....

im sad now that piggy is dead forever and that girl is going to have trauma about it for the rest of her life,....... LOL THAT MAKES IT SO MUCH MORE FUNNY

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

Im not sure how to respond to that

I seem to like the DOMO inside jokes more.....

This one had no inside jokes or humor, so i understood all of it!
however it was only mildly humorous. still i have to review high here, because again, all in all the animation was Professional and this flash was not lacking in any department.

too bad the next one wont be out until Xmas.
c u then yeah?


not the piggy!

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

It will respawn.
I think

Loved it!

The animation was really well done, sounds were great as well. All around superbly done flash animation. I can definitely see why you got Daily Feature :D
Keep it up! 5/5