Reviews for "Hot Blooded Hero"


I wish I could say more than cool, but it must be pretty cool to impress some people who have never even heard of this online game. I don't know how things work on that game, so I'm not going to judge your movie on it, but this movie reminded me of Pucca, the cartoon. I think your work is great, so keep it up. I may just try that game out, too.


Mwahahaha! the power of reprimand!
I thought this one was great! the cute animations and the exciting stories, keep 'em coming ^,6

Funny and humorous as always. :)

A brief off-topic: Un-epic? You see that liitttllee paragraph below this review box? The one that says NOT to act like a total asshole and provide constructive criticism? Yeah. I think you missed that while trying to feed your ego by acting like an ass biter. Let--yer--nuts--drop.

On topic! Huzzah!: 'Cuz of your seven humorous flashes (which never fail to crack me up,) I've decided to check out the game for myself. And, thus far, it has yet to fail. Keep these awesome flashes a rollin'! :)


Yay it was longer,I never get tired of watchen thse good job as usel.

More like hot blooded moron (lol)

Well... the music still kind of has that canned feel (especially since it was taken from various well known sources) but it fits the video quite well. I enjoyed the Street Fighter (?) "round...fight!". So nostalgic.

See, video games don't cause violence. Reading does (which must mean I'm just a ticking time bomb about to explode and attack someone' pet pig).