Reviews for "Hot Blooded Hero"


It was going pretty good at first nice design and such, but then you had to throw in the shitty Naruto music WTF man. You could easily find nicer traditional music or if you were content on having anime music there are far better animes to rip music from. getting music from the audio portal wouldn't be a bad move either.

I couldn't finish the flash because the music was so bad sorry

i agree with stonedguy

asshole...i mean come on i cute pig like that and it even had fucking angle wings whats not to love about it poor pig

man i wish i was in that flash so i could help the big i would go all assasan on him and pull out my hidden blade lol

the pig fought bravely for a battle in wich he did not know


that asshole killed a lil piggy i hope he gets aids then has his gut riped out by a homeless guy


Wow. That was retarded. I didnt even finish watching it. He punched a pig. What the hell. That movie was a dissapointment. Next time please try to make something a little less dumb. Thanks. It's my opinion so no need to take this offensivley.


very nice love anime perfect score 10/10