Reviews for "Hot Blooded Hero"


Man, he REALLY got into that book...
That idiot...

Awesome, yet again.

It's stuff like this that sort of makes me wish that Domo was a bit more real-life-ish. However, I love the story, especially what I can only imagine as Son Goku flying in the background of the 'heroic daydreams' bit.


Pretty cool great animation, next try to come up with a better stroyline though.


haha i like the fight part


Dude this flash is awesome and you know it. Do not listen to teh ignorant people who think it is crap (they are jelous and want to ruin good people). This flash has a very good animation and storyline so keep it up. The music was just amazing and it suited the flash perfectly. Once again ignore teh idiots who think this flash is for them to jerk off...
Keep up the good work dude!
I expect to see your next flash sometime soon.