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Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep37"

No powder for you!

Being random AND making great videos on Newgrounds has to be the best combination on the web, or at least on Newgrounds!


Dad was looking for a what powder?

Getting less better :(

Got some giggles out of me :3 despite the quality it was pretty good.
I think th start of the serie wasn't so good and then it became better and better and it even cam to the frontpage.
But the nowdays episodes aren't to good anymore.
I hope they will better again and untill that time comes, keep up the good work.

nicely done

and once again Dad was as funny as ever, keep up the good work dudes and makesure to avoid getting set on fire by the fireflowers


It would B great if they meet Mario. also they made ther way to Bowsers castle (I didn't kno Bowser had a Beach). Keep on coming those remaining Episodes.