Reviews for "How to write good reviews"

Fair enough...

everything you say is true, people often do write unhelpfull reviews on NG, but, sadly, most those who do arn't likely to bother reading through all your carefully created notes.
so (trying to take your advice) you might make your point better with something a bit faster paced, maybe with a little sarcy humor thrown in for good measure.

A cry for attention?

Why even matter to make flash to "teach newgrounders how to write rewies". Well isn't it really something you just learn on the way? How many times do think the author it self will think it´s a great rewie. Well only if kiss up and go all out with " hey nice flash dude" or " I never seen anything funnier". Belive me I've tried and some of them had a good answer for the author. But of coursly it also wear a useless rewive. Well you might think that Iam the one how's crying for attention and I don't blamme you and some might find this abusive or vote for a it as useless review. But all I want to have said with this reawive is that please don't be an idot and seek up some ones help for writting better reawives. It's just how them self want Newgrounds reawiers to write.

Anyway thank you for time to read this hope it dosen't get reamoved and iam Swedish so have a open mind for my writing.

Very Good Flash.

I liked it and myself has been a person who goes : Do Better.
But not anymore.The music is fine idiots, turn off the volume :D Idiots.


I applaud you on your attempt to make the people at newgrounds smarter and not whining nerds. The subject in itself is interesting and presentation isn't bad. However, a turn off could be the fact that this isn't a video rather an instruction guide. This i don't mark as a con though since it allows people to think over the information. For this, I give a ten.

Phil responds:

On the submissions page it says Game/Interactive.
This is interactive.

Dude, ditch that music...

Quite helpful hints, but the music was repetitive and not my favorite kind of tunes. Do something about it; change it, or at least give a few different (not as distracting, repetitive, and exasperating) musical options.

Overall, I liked this flash for the most part. Good sound advice, and helpful.