Reviews for "How to write good reviews"


firstly the hole thing was completely unnecessary !!

it was poorly put together and basically no effort put into it!

to vote correctly all you have to do is..
if you enjoyed it say what you liked about it
and if you didnt like it say why you disliked about it and tell them how to improve it

people dont need to learn it threw some submission
its just common sense.

there will always be assholes leaving unhelpful comments but thats why they have the option of flagging a review.

because of that its gets 2/10


this is not a game even though it is addressed as a game, so next time please label the movie/game correctly..........
good thing some one addressed it

Bout time someone adressed it.

It was a good idea, but it should have been executed a little differently. I am a person who is all for the full reviews and not small worthless ones, and I think this is way past due. This could have been done in a way more exciting though. For one, you could have done something with more animation, rather than just a slide show type of thing. Maybe making this a movie with a voice over would have been better. However, it was a good idea, and I hope you consider remaking a better one.

Pretty straightforward

The best thing I've liked in this submission - is background music. In fact, I'm writing this review while listening to it.

this is awesome

this is awesome...just kidding. Thanks for the advice