Reviews for "How to write good reviews"

A very nice, informative flash.

I liked this submission a lot. It didn't teach me a lot that I didn't know, but I know that if all the users who write low quality reviews read and follow this flash, the flash portal would be a better place and contain less abuse. Well done for that.

Now, onto the review:

Animation:Not rated:
Not much animation. It's a guide so it's ok for little animation.

A good, high quality, backing track that added to the submission. In many guides and tutorials the audio is distracting, but this suits the submission well. Well picked.

Nice fonts, decent background colouring and screenshots (if screenshots are counted as art), Well done.

Humour:Not rated:
Not enough humour to rate.

I liked the way this was presented. The presentation helped out the overall quality.

Preloader:Not rated:
A good preloader, but I only give scores if the preloader was created by the artist. This is the standard NG preloader.

Style:Not rated:
Not rated.

Violence:Not rated:
Not rated.

No vCam (or none that I could see) used.

Informative and helpful. How every guide should be. Well done.

Great overall. All the parts come together and form a great flash. A few improvements could be added (maybe a test after the guide) even small improvements can make a big difference. I wish you both luck in future submissions.

Thank you!

I hope to be able to write better reviews! Thank you for the help! It showed me what a good review should somewhat look like.

This is helpful!

I'm going to write some quality reviews! Yay! But really, this flash was quite helpful and gives me a better idea of how my reviews should look like.

this was very helpful

i like this kinds of games they help me thanks!!!!

A typical 'guide'

I didn't really expect to learn anything here, but watched it out of curiousity and a willingness to learn your opinion.

The bulk of the text - in which you talk about your personal style of reviewing - doesn't seem all that potentially useful. Once you reveal that you split up your review into those sections, there doesn't seem much reason to elaborate so much and give examples. It's self-explanatory.

Showing examples of helpful/unhelpful/abusive reviews was really cool though - works well as a quick aid. Maybe that should have gone at the start?

'drawings were done pretty good' is grammatically incorrect. It should be 'done pretty well'

in the paragraph immediately below, you say, 'proves it's point' where you should say, 'proves its point'. Remember: 'it's' means it is. The posessive form is just 'its'.

When a flash is basically entirely textual (as this is) it might be an idea to double-check such things. Or ask someone to look over it before you submit.

I really liked the forward/back buttons - kinda like the old NG buttons.

The music was cool, but not really conducive to taking in info - something slower paced would have been preferable imo - and I'd have liked a mute button.

Not a bad tutorial as far as tutorials go, but after your 'how to help NG' guide, I was hoping for more than just text.

Why not let us guess whether a review is helpful/abusive/unhelpful and then let us check whether we were correct? Or bring in interactivity some other way...

-Review Request Club-