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i thought this flash was pretty good because it gives out very good advice. most of my reviews are kinda useless but i hope this one is helpful. This flash is good because it gives out very important adivice that way you won't get banned from newgrounds. keep up the great work. :D

Thank you

I'm not used to write reviews in this webpage because I just don't know what to write (sad isn't it) but thanks to your flash I know how to write useful reviews. Emphasis in useful.

Now, onto the flash.

I didn't really enjoy the music in it, but it worked. Maybe a "mute" button was necessary, I know I would've thank it. The tips were useful and written in a short form, with examples for dummies (like me), it was nice not to find a wall of text that only discourage the reading. I will give you a 8 because I feel that, though the content was really helpful and well thought, I find the presentation a little lacking.

Thank you!


great tutorial flash now i see what my flaws were, thanks for uploading this

good job on the flash game thing.

that was very good. one suggestion though if you will take it. it was a little bit short and not that many people will listen if i interpret newgrounds correctly. i would make this flash a little more interesting. otherwise it was very good and enjoyable.
one last thing would be to add more music and make it less, well, abnoxious. its kind of hard to read with the music blasting in your ears. (volume thouhg should handle that.

5/5 9/10

review pick

u should get crew pick 4 this dude!!!!
srry but i dont make my reviews that long like on the helpful one
most of mine r helpful and sum r useless
none r abusitve