Reviews for "How to write good reviews"


I already wrote pretty detailed reviews, but this will really help. This was good but isn't perfect because it only covers flashes. You should make a second to show how to write good reviews based on music and art submissions. Other then that the flash was great and informative. Thanks.


This is a big help for me. Now I know how to write helpful reviews and it wasn't very long but was helpful! The only problem was that it just had one song that plays over and over, there's no mute button and you couldn't select a song. You still get a high score of 9/10 (BTW I wrote this awesome review cuz this flash told me how to make awesome reviews!! Thanks again.)

Nice, but there's a bug

Press the forward button all the way to the end, and then click back once; it will skip a page. XD


i dont think you can expect to get a usefeul (helpful ) review rating even if you write a whole fcking poetry with all that mentioned or be like 100% positive that your review is pretty dope. it depends on the viewer!!!!

if its a bored person or a minor (or both) or just trying to fck up for everyone - they push definetly on "useless"


w00t,im gonna to add this game to favorites.