Reviews for "How to write good reviews"


Seriously, it's good that you created such a tutorial. There are a lot of idiots out there who don't know anything about writing reviews. This has even improved my own writing... Let me try what I learned here.

Audio - Pretty nice techno song (You couldn't use mine?) that seems to fit in with the NG atmosphere. You didn't just use the "Endless Handbag Loop" that I see so often in this type of tutorial

Animation - None here. A transition between pages would be nice, for instance having the entire page move left instead of just going there.

Graphics - Good. Your screenshot quality could be better. Also, nice use of the TF2 font.

Overall - Very good! I would like to see some other flashes explaining some other things you would like to see people do better on. Thank you and have a happy Spore Day.

Thank You.

Thank you for making this flash. Everything was well-organized. The audio was appropriate. Also, I like the slideshow style animation, it lets me read at my own pace. Make some more guides like this, or put them together in a collection. "Guide for Newground Noobies" You have my right to take the title, haha.

Phil responds:

Thanks for insiring me to make more!