Reviews for "How to write good reviews"

Short, sweet and to the Point

Newgrounds really needs a game/vid like this. I have seen way too many people posting crappy comments. Good job.

I see your point

...and voted higher because of your point. Lets see if I learned anything...

I liked the audio, it was not anything great, but it wasn't annoying either. It was a good idea to lable this as a game so that the viewer could reat the text at their own pace (some people read slower than others), and I agree that a review shouldn't just be the opinion of "this is awesome" or "this is B.S." I also liked how you showed writen reviews from other submissions (why is this helpful/usless/abusive), whether they were writen by yourself just as examples, or were other actual reviews.

My reasons for not voting 5/5 are because this was just reading. There was not much for visuals or effects. But I still liked it.

The only thing I can think of suggesting for an improvment would be: what do you think about reviewers that comment on another persons review? Whether they be answering a previous revewer's question, or bashing them because they disagree with the other person.

I hope I've been helpful.

very nice

I would do everything you said to do in your flash..but I would kinda feel like an idiot lol.

But really, I liked how you actually went in deph in describing how to write a review correctly. Hopefully it'll help teach people what to do when makiing coments, and in the end help improve flash games/movies that have a lot of potential.

wow, never expected to see anything like this

I like it though, Im getting tired of all of those people just making their opinions without actually reviewing the flash. But I do it too so thanks for the "review rules".

Really nice

The interface was very nice and pleasant to see, very smooth overall. You guys did a good job with buttons, I liked the "NG style of them". The fonts were well chosen too. I love the the font that is used it the titles like "What should a review contain?" or "What makes this helpful?". Also the colors were very NG-ish so I like it :P.

The only problem was the audio. The audio problem appears quite often in your flash : we can't chose the audio that we prefer. What I do when I don't like Dance ? You should add a menu with songs from different styles of music. Lol you said it in the flash but you didn't do it :P.

Overall all, perfect guys. I love the flash of the Newgrounds collection, they are always helpful. The only problem was the audio but won't affect the score I'm giving you : 5'd and 10'd. Keep it up.