Reviews for "Welcome to Castlevania"


I just started listening to you music, nice hits! I am so downloading this, hope you make more! I'm loving these!

Shanath responds:

I'm glad you liked it. I might have a V2 of this up in the future so hopefully you'll get to listen to it as well.

So much. There are a couple times when the sounds sounded off- Usually right before the transition, but I understand what you did and why. Every remix is special in its own way, and is NOT similar to nearly any other one here on newgrounds, and is highly refreshing.

This is basically the pitch of everything good, thrown at a high speed for everyone's enjoyment.
It gets my 5/5 10/10, just because I cant be harsh on something that has so much diversity.

OMFG THANK YOU !!! i'v bean wanting these songs

Very cool song,and I realy love the castlevania series so....u realy did a good job here.

This is awesome!