Reviews for "Welcome to Castlevania"

I have played every single Castlevania game that have appeared for every console, I really love it's music, but for some reason I didn't liked too much this version, I fell something is missing, maybe more "lucid" instruments, I feel some instruments don't have the protagonism they should have.

Of course this is only my point of view.


I have always love the CV games ever snice playing the 64 version(Give it a try if you havent its decent) the music is great and you make it even better.

It's good...

... But you had a big chance of giving some power to the track... Anyway, it's a good job. Just choice the instruments carefully the next time. Keep the effort and the good job.

Shanath responds:

I kind of agree and might upload a revised version sometime down the line. Just trying to render this was a pain by itself so I kinda just said "screw it" in the end.

Thanks for the review.


I just started listening to you music, nice hits! I am so downloading this, hope you make more! I'm loving these!

Shanath responds:

I'm glad you liked it. I might have a V2 of this up in the future so hopefully you'll get to listen to it as well.