Reviews for "Welcome to Castlevania"

this brings me back you have maid me vary happy good work you even deserve a medal good work and keep it up you rock

Interesting. Very interesting. Any original pieces you've made? Remixes are great, but I'm curious to what you can produce originally.

Oh-Wow, I do not know where to start. But it's amazing the piece you've managed to get ... It shows the great effort and love between the notes ... Perhaps what I miss is that touch of percussion that highlights the rhythm in the background but it's pretty strong. But above all, believe me, it's f@<!*ng amazing how you succeeded in adapting all songs ... I love the frenetic tempo that has, perhaps slow down a bit I (But I think you explained that you uploaded it by the length of the song). Nor is that I dislike the tempo. Otherwise ... It's beautiful.

-I emphasize that what I miss is the percussion. Moreover 5/5

Shanath responds:

I really want to remake this at some point. I never liked the end result and feel like it could be better. Anyway, glad you enjoyed!

I'm a huge castlevania fan. The music is one of the biggest reasons that i am a fan. The whole feeling of the game is because of the music.

The same feelings I have while playing castlevania, are comming up when i listen to this.

So, nicely done!

The only little thing that is bothering me is the transistion between the vampire killer part and the theme of simon part. Its just a liiittlle bit to sudden i think.

After all, good job!

Very nice. I think the Bloody Tears section was my favorite, but the song overall was really well done. The transitions were great, too.