Reviews for "Fetch"


It warmed that deep, dark hole in my chest that most people call a heart. Not many can do that...soooo...*cough*...nice animation by the way.

You got three extra for being a mastiff owner.

Great story none the less. Mastiff rule and so did your flash.


Yeah, I like blood, but for a local film festival it is really cool, good animation, good subject. you could do short children stories and sell it. because I though this animation is a bit pedagogic.

p.s.: can you do a bloody version for NG? ;D

What a send off!

That was beautiful bro. Sorry to hear about your dane Sanibel. I know it must have been an awesome dog. And an even better friend. Very good way to keep her memory. I loved this video! Its on my favez!


this remid me that...
we need people like that in this world
this was a veary good movie and it gives a good lesson :D