Reviews for "Fetch"


soooooo cute!

D: awwww

for that 3 second span i wanted to cry! and cut that other dogs head off and slit open is stomach and shove its head inside it and then fill it was dynamite and blow it up. this was really great! :D good work!


Wonderful because at the end, there was no terrible "shocking ending" that so many flashes have these days. No toy exploding and blowing heads off. No dog on dog rape. No asian people cooking them. No retard shock-jock move that is normally found in the midst of a heartwarming animation. Good Job, and excellent conveying of feelings.

You should be a paid cartoonest

I loved the human like expresions on the dogs, the puppy was the most human. I loved the smooth movment of all the dogs. I love the expresion the bad dog has when the big dog barks.... all in all 10/5 and 20/10 :)

A movie that just makes you go AWWWW!

You proved a movie does not need action and violence to be good. It looked great and the animation was very charming. You earned a 5 out of 5!