Reviews for "Fetch"

So cute!

He is so cute! And it is such a well-developed flash. The art and sound are fantastic, as well as the plot. I think this would go over well at a film-festival. My only complaint is that I would love to see more of this cute litle guy! <3

Me like =D

Now that was cute :D. Nicely animated! Bad old dawg! Seen several of your animations now Jaxxy, and you sure have a gift... keep on doing what you're doing and i'm a happy viewer!

how cute!

and that doggy was so nice! unlike that meen iold jacky pup!


so cute, I loved the story and your animationstyle :)

Dont mess with noobs, they have pro friends.

If this was on cartoon network, id watch it.. And im 16..

is that sad or is this short animation just that good?