Reviews for "Fetch"


Wonderful because at the end, there was no terrible "shocking ending" that so many flashes have these days. No toy exploding and blowing heads off. No dog on dog rape. No asian people cooking them. No retard shock-jock move that is normally found in the midst of a heartwarming animation. Good Job, and excellent conveying of feelings.

This is some nice dog animation you did here.

I almost cried when that mean dog scared fetch and took his toy from him but his new dog friend of fetch helped him get his toy back by scaring the mean dog away which was really nice, the music in this flash fit well for this animation it was deep good job on doing something thoughtful dude.


It warmed that deep, dark hole in my chest that most people call a heart. Not many can do that...soooo...*cough*...nice animation by the way.

Very nice!

Great animation, music went along perfectly and that was just simply ADORABLE!

It's not everyday you see stuff like this on NG.

This was great. Perfectly smooth animation and enjoyable. Thank you for doing something different.