Reviews for "Fetch"

You should be a paid cartoonest

I loved the human like expresions on the dogs, the puppy was the most human. I loved the smooth movment of all the dogs. I love the expresion the bad dog has when the big dog barks.... all in all 10/5 and 20/10 :)


This is a very good animation. While I was watching, my own dog (a Westie) came into the room and just silently looked at the computer as the movie played. When it finished, she paused, then left. I think that that is all that I need to say to show you that I (and my dog) approve!

lil puppy!

cyyyuuuuuttteee :3

Awwww X3

that was to cute, I feel I need to watch something with carnage and bloodshed now lol.

Awww! That is so adorable! ^_^

That is a very cute video! I love it! I defenitly see how it got on the main page of Newgrounds.