Reviews for "Fetch"


Great Storyline, no blood and no gore and an easy solution to the conflict. The animation itself was just so awesomely smooth and I have no idea how you did it but it was magical.

Adorable, consistent, fun, enjoyable.

I'll tell you, man, you've got skills. You're one of the smoother animators that has graced this place, really. The story itself, although a somewhat no-brainer, is refreshing what with some of the more melancholy pitches that have landed in here. It's good to see stuff like this.

Now, movement in here was the first thing I noticed. You're smoother with slower animations, which is strange considering how easy it is to master quicker movements. The mean dog really should've exitted faster, giving the sense that he was going in a hurry. For whatever reason, the slower movements, like walking and jumping, seem to be perfect. This confuses me as much as it excites me. Not many artists master that kind of fluidity, but try practicing with faster movements. You did very great. A nine out of ten.

loved it

it really made me happy inside


I really enjoyed that.... it must have been a little emotional for you to do this... I bet your DOG WAS A GOOD DOG... you did him proud nice job...

puppy yelp

puppy yelp how cute