Reviews for "The Necronomicon 2.0"


theres just one problem with this game
its too addictive i cant stop playing it
im wasting my life

Very Well Done

I must say, im very pleased to see that Cthulhu Myth isnĀ“t dead in people mind.

The game was addictive at a certain grade that you make the moves without thinking to much. Its easy to learn, and have nice image and sound.

I have a suggest for the Challenge Mode: Make it progressive, and every 3 or 4 challenges complete, we get a new card.

Also you can add a Deck Edit Mode, but i think that would be to complex.


very enjoyable, very well done

as in the subject the game is really lovely and features also stunning graphics and art in the card. compliments.


Much better than the old one, need more cards thought xD

Pokemon meets Poe 2.0!!!!

Just completed both the vs. Computer and all 21 Challenges. Lots of fun but now I need my 3.0!!!! Can't wait to see what's next!
Great Job!
Request: Maybe more interactive action with the monster cards and possibly unique "attack" visuals for each attack card besides just a fireball for the majority.

Plowking74 responds:

The sequel will have monsters that come into play on the playfield itself in attacker or defender slots. You then have an attack phase to use your attackers against the opponent (and his defending creatures).

Tomes, Characters, Locations, and items will now all come into play and you get the effects of them while they are in play.