Reviews for "8. Reach Equilibrium (BTD"

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I really don't understand why the random piano bit is at the end... Nonetheless, as a grinning Darnell would say: "Respect."

Well Done

As a metalhead I really liked your song. The main riff is catchy and played in my head all morning.

I'm really not a fan of Heavy Metal, majorly because of the voices, but this being instrumental, kind goes by that. The rythym is breath taking with some breaks before another plunge in its awesomeness. I didn't like that tiny part where you used an organ... but I guess I'm kinda biased, by my musical tastes.

This was the first I've heard from you repertoire, looking forward to check out others.

Keep it up!

Rock on!

Yeah this goes perfect with games, make an animation or something this would work perfectly!

loved it

i love this song the only part i didn't like was when it ended

Wouldn't be out of place in an Megaman game

Absolutely brilliant! All of the bridges flow flawlessly together to create one epic and orgasmic sound! Kudos.