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Reviews for "S&K Flying Battery (Elite Mix)"


Now that's what I call Music To My Ears!!

You are exactly correct.

This DEFINITELY blows your previous remixes of this song "out of the water"!

Wow. This already has a great rating, or else I'd be up-voting it like every freaking day of my life. xP

In my opinion (although you definitely don't need to abide by it) you do way better with techno like this than 8-bit. You can stick with the style you like to do best, but I just wanted to let you know that to achieve many more fans, and possibly even rank as highly as ParagonX9 on Newgrounds (although in my opinion you already do xD) you should continue making epic techno.
8-bit limits artists talent, I've noticed, although it's far easier to make music with.


Quite possibly the best Sonic Remix I have ever heard. I sure hope you have more coming. Reminds me of the works of ParagonX9 somewhat.

Ok what the hell

How does this only have 1000 listens. This song has been up for almost 2 months, and it would easily make top15 of all time.
Oh and this made me jizz, I hope you know that.

HOLEY MOTHER OF GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!