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Reviews for "S&K Flying Battery (Elite Mix)"


I might be a massive sucker for sonic songs, and the remixes they spawn...but...this is AWESOME!

Times like this I wish they would remake the original games with spiced up graphics and hire people with your talents to do the music for the stages.

Excellent work!

Ok what the hell

How does this only have 1000 listens. This song has been up for almost 2 months, and it would easily make top15 of all time.
Oh and this made me jizz, I hope you know that.


Quite possibly the best Sonic Remix I have ever heard. I sure hope you have more coming. Reminds me of the works of ParagonX9 somewhat.

Mind blowing!

There is no words to describe this masterpiece. Absolutely fantastic work, congrats man, keep it up! 5/5 10/10

really good

you kept and enhanced the best of this song, by far the best mix of this song imo