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Reviews for "AH! FLY"


tumtime win i inda middo ud a sentis i fergit wut i sayin cuz i lookatda fly

lokkatda fly

some people...

are cruel..

i thought it was pretty cool
im not sayin that cos you're a friend

sticks and stones

'Secretmile' shhhhhhh

dragonjiggy responds:

Shut up you Jewfish! like you know what makes a good animation!


randomness is always fun...9/10 because it was really short,but other than that AWESOMNESSEZZ 4 JOO ^_^

dragonjiggy responds:

Finally, someone that is nice. Thanks for the rating.

Odd can be good

Well done. It blew me away with the idea. Funny and yet danceable. Even abe lincoln had a.d.d. So drink up.

dragonjiggy responds:

Lol, are you talking about my submission? It s blew you away? That's a first.


Short and simple and good animation, but one thing that irritated me, a light year is a measurement of distance, not time lol ;D.

dragonjiggy responds:

You are correct, but did it occur to you that this could be the same fly terrorising another planet 9,460,730,472,580.8 KM away where there are red alien roaming around instead of green ones. oh yeah, that was a load of crap since i put later instead of away. But what i was doing was a play on words because this scene is set in space and light years are kind of a spacy type thing then it would make sense, because then light years is time, but not literally, because it is a play on words. You with me :)