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Reviews for "AH! FLY"


You just gotta add things to it the graphics are totally awsome thou you can could probably make some cool stuff with that talent. I suggest the alien trys to attack the fly and keeps missing and make up the rest

dragonjiggy responds:

Yeah, I was thinking about all of that. but I really can't be bothered to keep at one animation for some reason. I do have another version of this and it has buttons to choose what you do, but I never finished it.

Distance, not time.

Alright, there was no story to this. A fly appears and makes him sad, and then angry? Then he becomes confused, and goes to his german psychologist who pins his midlife crisis on his mother's lack of care for his childhood. He then proceeds to buy a Porsche, leaves his wife, and gets a girlfriend 20 years younger than himself. The movie climaxes as, Jenny, the girl he's been dating is no other than his long lost daughter, calling into question the true meaning of love between parent and child. And that's how you write a script.

With love, Loti.


dragonjiggy responds:

no...not sad, Scared and then he turns angry because he has a small brain and a delayed reaction. And Jesus, why the hell did you tell me your life story, these things are for feedback, not to cry on somebody's shoulder.



It was cute.

dragonjiggy responds:

I guess cute is good :(


I don't get it

dragonjiggy responds:

Well there's like this alien, right, and another alien (in the background) has this remote control fly, because they are popular on remote planets, and this alien (in the background) is having like a little prank, and pranks/jokes are funny to aliens, because that's what is going on n stuff XD


Short and simple and good animation, but one thing that irritated me, a light year is a measurement of distance, not time lol ;D.

dragonjiggy responds:

You are correct, but did it occur to you that this could be the same fly terrorising another planet 9,460,730,472,580.8 KM away where there are red alien roaming around instead of green ones. oh yeah, that was a load of crap since i put later instead of away. But what i was doing was a play on words because this scene is set in space and light years are kind of a spacy type thing then it would make sense, because then light years is time, but not literally, because it is a play on words. You with me :)