Reviews for "Oh damn my ass is better than yours"

dat booty tho

PikaLight responds:

A fat booty pls.

Wut :u

PikaLight responds:

Estoy drogado. Fume mariguana

Wadafak? *-*

PikaLight responds:

It'sa party!

I'm crazy lel.

What are you doing with your life

PikaLight responds:

Staying with ma'h girlfriend, and you?

You got this from an old review I did on someone's fanart of you didn't ya? Lol

It's said "She's like damn right my butt looks better than yours"

Good job anyway

Also, could you unblock me :3
I know it's the wrong place to ask but I have no other way

PikaLight responds:

Actually.. I didn't see that art, I just make the name in my head in 3 seconds lel.

You got it boss, unlocked