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Reviews for "RpgBossBattle3"


i love it! it suprised me when the enemy used his overdrive attack lol! love it!

I think that...

this game deserves every bit of a 10. The grapics and audio are outstanding. The controls work nicely. You did a great job...........vp


Very nice audio. The graphics and overall layout are also very reminiscent of the old RPGs. And damn man, if there was a full-length RPG like this starring Bass, I'd so be there.
On the other hand, it was fairly easy and predictable. Some more variety could be added and maybe more limit breaks. Perhaps waiting for your LB to be 200% could give you a more powerful LB?
Anyways good job. Keep it up!

same as before, story, options, and all that usefull shit!
PS: love this game!

Good :)

heh, I like it, it works well, and it's tough enough to be a boss, I tried twice, and failed miserably, keep up the good work, I cant find anything wrong with it =/ So i'll give you 9 :D