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Reviews for "Calvin and Hobbes"


I wouldn't mind seeing an entire story arc get made into animation.
I've never before thought of someone doing this sort of thing before. It's a really good idea. For an intro to a bunch of these, I think it would be awesome.
Would you have voice actors to read their lines? What would they sound like?


I loved Calvin and Hobbes, have every comic book that came out. Makes me remember. Good work, hope you make more!


calvin and hobbs has too be the greatest comic ever. not only did it capture the imagination that most little boys have, it also inspired myself and others i know to feel free to dream big. i applaude and commend your work that you have done for this brief but awesome animation. im espically pleased you used no voices, as i believe that could have spoiled it. a toast to you!

sweet tribute man...

i loved these comics as a kid and your animation was awesome, but perhaps a bit short but awesome none the less


i have actually been waiting for some1 to make a calvin and hobbes flash and my prayers have been answered beyond my wildest dreams. u simply, rock