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Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

Lol wut?

May I ask how much is the reaction time at Goku o.O ? By the way great game

matt-likes-swords responds:

I've forgotten. :(

Crazy fun (and I saw me!)

Amazingly fun game, with very attractive characters (and I don't just mean sexually, though, Natalie takes the cake on that *Drool*) The red mage is a fantastic way of how I see me as a Red Mage (Right down to tipping the hat and the rapier) and Black Waltz was just awesome!
If I could suggest anyhting about this game, it'd be 2 things.
A) In 2player, let us use any character we've already beaten. I understand this'd take a lot more animating, but it'd be cool! XD
2) Tone some of the later difficultly down a single notch. Canti beats me every time! ><. All and all, Phenomenal. 5!


I was not expecting Goku at the end of thegame. That was hilarious but he is now my slave. I whooped his ass six times. He's not that hard. Watch his hair. When it moves forward as far as it can go the second time, the go comes up. Just don't ask how many times I tried to beat him.


made it to the black knight robot


I got distracted by second girl's boobies! XD Cool Animation and Characters