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Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

make a 2nd

dude you should so make a second game of this.

random sacks

For what it is, It's a wonderful game. excellent graphics, art, and characters;
It's hard to find any thing wrong with the game, except maybe how repetitive
it is, but the mild comedy usually takes care of that.

To sum it all up with the upmost brevity, here's my rateings,
with a score out of three

art:3 (loved the sword design by the way)

All together 5/5 10/10

Also I thought it was cool (for lack of a better word) of you to make the girls just get pushed out of the screen instead of being chopped up.
I didn't know how to say that with out being weird, but there, said It.


Very good! By the way, I acually beat Zombie Goku! It was freak'n hard!


Very Nice Drawings Dude U really know how to work a penicl Nice job wif converting ur drawwings to a whole big action packed slice and dice game =3 nice job i would ask sum lessons from u :D

Nice game but need checkpoints

that was really fun but GOKU IS SO FRICKEN HARD but then i keep on playing then i actually beat goku