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Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

"Well Done"

A real game i can sink my teeth into.
Canti is the farthest I've gotten, but I can't stop playing it!!!

Wow!Great Game.

That game was a excelent quick-draw game!Very fun and challenging!
But the last guy kill and get killed by are VERY exagerated!!!
P.s:If it helps anyone beating zombie goku guy up, foul when you start the wait then watch his shoulders, before he starts to change his moving direction for the fifth time the GO! will appear , the guy is so fast you gotta know when the thing is coming...

This is wonderful!

This is a really fun game. Even though it has a simple premise, the graphics are so lush and well drawn, and the game play well executed (I NEVER felt as though I was skimped in hit detection.) if only requiring one button. That one button did so many cool things! Additionally, even though not all of the characters were yours, you adapted them beautifully to your own style, in effect making them your own.

As to how far I've gotten... well... FLCL is awesome, and Atomsk/Canti is SCARY fast. Plus, I was kind of distracted by laughing out loud when the player character deployed a guitar of his own.


dude. Goku's attak kicks it at the en. never expected him to blast me wit ha super kamehameha


Soo fun. Couldn't stop til i really had to. But it seemed that once go flashed for round seven he just comes out and kills you with little time and i suk and these kind of games so that doesn't help. Looking forward to more of these ^^