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Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

too easy

it only took me 2 tries to complete this game


i did it!i beated goku!
the really hard one was canti...but idid it!

great animation.

This is one of the best animted games on newgrounds.
Too bad i am so slow.
but guess that if practicse i will defeat them all!

trigger fingger

its always good to have a good trigger fingeron these reflex games but ya its a lil hard to beat.

great game

but i can't beat canti, i can't, i tried over 10 times, there is a world of difference between natalie and canti, to think there is one faster then him...i tired getting ahead of him, and got fouled out, i tried by getting as near to the spacebar as i could, i tried timing how long it takes for the go to appear, i even tried by listening to the noise, but i heard the "BUMMMM" right after it, so i give up, but it rocks, i love all you flash