Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

I liked the game but... having to go all the way back when you die is a bit of a pain :v anyway, putting a save after every 3 or 2 enemies would be good, and turn the game a little less annoying in this aspect


Extremely fun, as long as you don't let yourself get annoyed when you can't win against the last two enemies.
I have to thank an earlier commenter for his advice on waiting for Cant's hand to reach it's highest point and Goku's sway to reach it's max.
Goku's still a bit of a pain, but otherwise, I'm *Ahem* (Charlie Sheen impersonation) winning.
Anyhow. Excellent art style, the animations are great to watch, and the character designs are all awesome, if somewhat reminiscent of a child wrapped up greatly in fantasy video games and anime.
There's nothing much wrong with that last one, as it generally leads to works like these existing, which I love.

shouldn't always be forced to start over.makes the game more annoying than fun

Poor cat....