Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

A classic... for those seeking to destroy the 2 last bosses: Use fouls. You have 2 shots at trying to guess when the GO will pop up without losing the game.

IMHO, there is NO WAY to - humanely - defeat the final boss by normal means. You HAVE to guess when the "go" will appear and go for that.

@ Ah3124 If you wait a second it will say go and thats when you bash space so don't go giving things no stars cause you dont relize the simplest things---------------------------

Really good game and im a fan still after a few years

i cant do it i keep bashing space and he doesnt do anything i get fouls thats not fair

I love this game, it's well done, old but still actually very fun. I completed the game when I thought I didn't have the best reflexes to pull it off.

Is good, simplistic but fun, you need to have hella fucking good reflexes to finish it though