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Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

Just beaten it

the method to beat this game is to wait until you hear the go sound effect, then press space, dont wait for just go, what for the sound...COOL GAME

Very Creative

Awesome game,Awesome song, Nuthin rong bout it..... but im stuck on canti... this is my first try....You should make another one :D

Simple, humorous, challenging.

Love the distinct (and bloody) art style for the whole mix, the references spread throughout, and the intensity the music choice helps bring to the game. The tune made me so anxious I triple fouled my way out of Goku...
This seems like a good base for a standard fighter game. Obviously a far cry from a simple 'press space' style, but, eh, I believe in ya.
(Mostly the idea of running around stabbing people in the head with a knife as No Legs sounds rather entertaining :3 )


so funy and fun! stuck on level 7 tho. help me

canti smashed my face open

I love your games and videos have them all on favorites