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Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

XXcuchixX speak true, this autism game is kinda fun, you just need to push space, when see flashing bright light :D

good concept but one of the first works of matt likes swords

the game is make for rage, no checkpoint, if you dead, you need start again, if you get 3 fouls the game restart, so if you dead with so close to get the medal "masochist" you lost all the progress and need dead with all enemy again.

get stuck with canti boss, and maybe later write this review beat it only for the points, but you know, this game sucks, bugged, unfair and so slow for make all the s*** you do before and fast when you need beat the las 2 boss.

I Just Need Some Pratice..

I'm Stuck On Lord Canti.
I Need Some Pratice, again and again
Maybe Playing NewGrounds Rumble Will Get The Snap Of It!

Just Need More, More, More Pratice!!

Very well done!
I found the game quite challenging the first time i got to Lazarus and up, but after countless tries, I finally managed to beat them all.
I should also give credit to the person who suggested counting in elephants, it was extremely helpful for fighting Lazarus, Mecha, Natalie, Canti, and Goku.

I'd also love to see an Epic Battle Fantasy V in the near future. I've already beaten III and IV on Epic.

P.S. this game does not need a continue option, nor does it need a save mechanism. That would make the game too easy and effortless. Restarting from the beginning every time you die hones your skills and allows you to learn from your mistakes, whereas a continue button is like rewarding someone for doing absolutely nothing.

Just died at Goku 3 times in a row. Kill me plz!