Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

dude this is awesome

Difficult, but it can be done. A little hint for those having trouble with canti and the last boss: wait for the last frame of their movements, then hit space immediately. For Canti, this means when his fist is at the highest point possible, and for the last boss is when his swaying reaches the max to one side. Hope that helped ya.

eh eh eh, i tried to cheat by pausing it with right click and i got gutted... fun game...with boobs 4.5

........wow i killed everyone XD

To be honest, the title screen, to begin with, doesn't even display the text right. There isn't much of an instruction sequence or tutorial at all. All I get is that you are supposed to mash the space button. I think this game could do so, so much more. I think this is one of the lowest rated games I have done, and I know that if I got into it, I would like it a lot, but I found it to be stupid. I like the EBT however, so don't think on account of my review that I dislike everything. I just dislike this game.