Reviews for "Escape from Crystal Lake"

Angry Video Game Nerd!

haha awesome I'm glad I died the first time playing the firday the 13th nes game emulation to see AVGN reference, though if you just press sapce franticly it's easy to win, anyway great game, although I found it much easier then the nightmare on elm street game.

Fun stuff!

Wow, pretty cool game! Thought it was gonna be a point and click, but then Jason showed up and I was like, Oh No! Flash back from the nintendo game. I like How you made him faster each time you came into contact with him, which is like the one on the nintendo. This one was a lot easier then the Nintendo one though. :) Hardest part was with that oar. I thought my guy was half retarded because he swung so damn slow. Still pretty dang fun though!


This game kept me entertained for hours, and the best part is you have a link to the walkthrough right there, for the two parts i got stuck. really, great work on this game. i hope to see even more of work like this.

I mean it!



Despite what recent reviewers have been saying, I really enjoyed this game. Got through it 100% the first time. Actually, I had been on an emulator site, and played Uninvited, so I can definitely see the similarities.

Anyway, good work with it, I definitely enjoyed it, like all your other stuff.

Awesome. :D

I finished the game, all 100% found without a walkthrough. xD
The graphics were alright, the puzzles weren't too hard. It was simple, yet just too awesome. xD