Reviews for "Escape from Crystal Lake"


this game was awsome......im a huge fan of all the old horror movies and enjoyed this game alot! I also kicked its ass


This game was great!!!!!!
Completed it 100% but one problem the hidden files were a bit frustrating to find and didnt really like always waiting for jason to attack during battles but it was very humorous watching though:D
Great Game


that was so fun! but for a horrow game i must say the scareist thing tere was the body in the crapper very well put together but not as scary as the freddy one im still giving it a ten becuase jasdon is awesome

good game

only a few issues. once you figure out that most hidden stuff can be found by turning around in a room, the exploration gets a bit tedious. also, getting keys is too simple. the only part io struggled with was the word drop thing.

the fighting jason bits were suitably comical, although he minces around WAY to much the 2nd and 3rd times you fight him. i almost fell asleep between attacks! the gravestone near the end was a nice touch though. good game, fun, a few flaws though.


lol, jason says meep when he gets hit with a arrow! Anyways, great job! Im waiting for the end of this trilogy (i wish!)