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Reviews for "50 Quickshot"


Eheh, I like it a lot!

You should have put the "Break the targets" music from Super Smash Bros Melee.
It should have fit well, but eh, it's awesome like this too.

This game was fucking fun!

I thought it was kinda ... original ... there are other "target shooting" games out there, but this one had it's own unique element to it. The whole randomness of it. Seemed like the targets just popped up at random spots. And I gotta disagree with babysausage, if you added any powerups to this, it would become bland, would just become any other shooter.

Game idea is good

The game idea is good but theres nothing you can realy do to improve the
way it looks i give it 9 for the idea.

Quick Shot Champ Thats right me XD.

WOW! That game was hard!

Pretty good dude! You'll get better as you practice and post on newgrounds!

Addictive as hell

It could use powerups but the game is still great. Make more.