Reviews for "Air Show"

Nice game!

Very great effort!
A challenging game that requires speed and abilities!
It's more than every other game I've played today!
Hope you keep on working!

XweaselX responds:


Very good project...

This is a fun and addicting game. The controls and graphics are awesome. Audio seems real. Great going. Make some more........vp


good but a bit hard thou keep up ur hard work!!

XweaselX responds:

well anygame must be a bit challenging Thanks


You've put in a lot of effort and it shows. It's not bad but has room for improvements. Kepp hard at work and look forward to projects to come from you.


its a great game but i agree with the person below it does get too hard too fast, the level of difficulty curve is way too steep and you need to make that difficulty curve alot steadier.