Reviews for "The Madness of the Hatter.2"

not your best work

hear me out, im not hear to bash and rant. in fact, im a huge fan of your work. madness 6.5 was an amazing song, and madness 10 was INCREDIBLE. i really liked 6.5 and 10 because they were very lengthy songs with a lot of things going on, but this song is kinda empty. for one thing, it isnt so much a song with a beginning and a climatic end as it is a generic loop. another really prominent thing about this song is the lack of bass, which is something ive always loved about your music. this song didnt come off as being very powerful, so it was almost kinda boring to just listen to for 4 minutes. now granted this isn't necessarily a bad song in its own respect, but with the previous music youve released (including your solo albums), you raised the bar so high that i was a little disappointed by this. i hope i dont offend, im just trying to give some critical advice to a very good musician

cheshyre responds:

I hear you and totally understand what your saying. It is a different type of song entirely. I'll keep these comments in mind and thank you for the comment and for listening to my music! I hope you love what's coming and again, thanks for your honesty!