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Reviews for "The Madness of the Hatter.2"

nice music, it was very good at 7.5

not good to listen on a music player but its okay...

cheshyre responds:

Why thank you! The bass is pretty out of control and I'm sorry it doesn't work well with your music player. If you know someone with subwoofer's then kudos to you! Thanks for the 8!!

I disagree, TanMan

I understand and agree when you say that cheshyre is a great musician and has done better. However, I feel you are mistaken when you said that it seems empty and when you scored it a four (compared to his other pieces or to the work of others). As for it being a loop and not having bass, its not bad just because its different. I believe you should have given this piece at least a 6/10.

PS. Cheshyre, i like the title, but I'm wondering why ".2" ?

cheshyre responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you like the song! I named it ,2 because the version on my 3rd album had a different ending. I added a little bit to the song for 7.5. Thanks for listening!

Eh, so.

It has the techno beat, just not the techno feeling. Sorry.

cheshyre responds:

That's ok, thanks for the 10!!

Thats kinda good :)

imagine asking about the 2 and not even reading the author comments