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Reviews for "The Madness of the Hatter.2"

Cool ;'D

Nice Tech beat, i don't agree with some it has the beat, not best track around here so why people whine around about a ''techno feling?'' It's very nice track fits also good in suck fast, violent animation's flash like madness combat : People watch the flash episode than rate the music, Thanks!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!! I appreciate the 9! And the wonderful comment!


It was a nice song in 7.5, but I feel it was missing...well, it was missing abit of that drop, like the stuff you hear in dubstep, that I seem to find in all your other songs.

To put it in short, you need to work on a stronger force in the notes

cheshyre responds:

Well, it's hit and miss sometimes but thanks for the comment!! I hope you like the other stuff!


Loved it! keep up the good work.

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!!


I have to agree with the other guys (duddman5471 and BloxxingregulermanNG) it has the beat but not the feeling

cheshyre responds:

Right on, thanks for the 8!!

imagine asking about the 2 and not even reading the author comments