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Reviews for "The Madness of the Hatter.2"


Your songs are beast!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!! I appreciate it!

Awesome dude

keep it up and you'll score a lot more fame than you dream it would be

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!!! As long as I have enough money for food, that's what really matters right?



cheshyre responds:

Nice!! Put them things in the wash. Thanks for listening!


I have to agree with the other guys (duddman5471 and BloxxingregulermanNG) it has the beat but not the feeling

cheshyre responds:

Right on, thanks for the 8!!

Please dont get mad...

I know that yeah this song is at the top of the leaderborads but, like I said the first 30 secounds or so made me think I'd heard this song off a commercial as the background music. so yeah like bloxxing had said "It has the techno beat, just not the techno feeling".

cheshyre responds:

No worries! It's different than my normal stuff but if it sounds like something you'd hear off a commercial then I'm on the right track to make music for commercials!! Wouldn't that be something! Thanks for the 7!