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Reviews for "The Madness of the Hatter.2"

always love your music..

I can't decide if this is the best out of all of them, but it's definitely up there with 5.5 and 6.5, which were the best imo. I think it is a bit different but if so I like the new style. Don't deviate too much though.

Hell, I'll jack it up to 10. Awesome.

Entrancing and fresh

I'm not quite sure why, ßut this is the most catchy madness soundtrack i've heard... and i was hooked on TrainMadness and Madness7 for quite some time.

Listened to the rest of the alßum on ßandcamp, sounded ossum opossum as well!

... only 900somethingish downloads?

I thank you

Thanks to you, you have MADE the madness series with your music. I absolutely adore your style of music, and I'm very happy to see that you are improving hardcore. And now I have to say that THIS is my favorite song from you. I congratulate you, and I hope you become much more successful in your work.

One of the best music of yours...

I really enjoy this music this is my favorite after madness 4 music.
I have it on my phone so i listen it everyday:D
Are you going to make The madness of the hatter 3?
I really want to hear third part of this music.
I wish i could give this more than 10 and more than 5:)