Reviews for "The Madness of the Hatter.2"

Thank you man!!!

I really wanted to download it here, so I can listen along with all the other madness combat songs in my mp4 player. Awesome song as I said before in a comment on your post. Favorited it and downloaded it. 5/5 & 10/10

Omg o.O

This is amazing! Wish i also could do this sort of music :D

cheshyre responds:

Thanks! and I'll bet you could... give it a shot??

As Always!

Awesome work!

I really digged this song from your album and I listen to it everyday along with MC10 :D

Also loving your 3rd album its full of deliciousness!

cheshyre responds:

Kick ass!! I'm so glad you like the new stuff! Thanks for listening!

Darn good!!!

U know i like all ur music, and all of them i usually listen after i wake up and before i go to bed. Man ur darn good!!!

cheshyre responds:

Thanks!! Your day sounds like a cheshyre sandwich! Ain't nothing wrong with that!

its nice and awesome thanks!


cheshyre responds:

Awesome! I wish I had a phone I could put it on too! Thanks for the vote!