Reviews for "Fede's Adventure Demo"


I agree with most of the commenters that this was a great little game, but tat you should add a small jump animation.

Really good for a demo! :D


its ok but:

try do get more dose in the jumps... concept and graphic is ok... ab bit common but ok

btw. sometimes you can fly, because you jump under an platforn, you continue to raise up

im waitin for the full version ;)

I liked it

I liked it! For a demo this is pretty good!
examples of what can be improved in the full version:
- More smooth lines and edges on the blocks you jump on
- More details when the character is in motion
- More actions the character can do (such as kicking, hitting, crouching etc.)
- Add more features in the main menu so people listen to larger parts of my song (muhaha)

I'm looking forward to the full version! PS: How do you make levels? Is it all code or a graphical program that makes it fast and easy? A level editor would always be awesome!

fede1920 responds:

Glad you liked it , and of course i'm gonna improve the menu so people listen more of your song ;D


It has potential but there werwe three points i would like to make;

1.The walk cycle was a bit rubbish
2.A goal of simply collecting 100 conis is a bit boring and not very original
3.The graphics do need some work

Apart from that, it was good. Improve on these points and you will ahve a great game!

Pretty good

That was fun. Nice hit detection/flooring in there too.

Some suggestions:
1. Add more diversity to the sprite's movements, it almost looks like he's standing still the whole time.
2. Make the gravity stronger, he stays airborne far too long. (I think it might be better for him to not jump quite so high as well, but that's less important and is completely your choice.)
3. Change the grass up a bit, so the player doesn't just see a sea of green. Make a top layer where the player walks on, like in Super Mario World. Not so important to gameplay, but more visually appealing.

Hope my thoughts are useful to you,